High Park Residence: affordable housing, extravagant living

High Park Residence will have a total of more than 1399 individual apartments on lease by 2019. Studio apartments are quite spacious at around 431 sq ft, 72 of them will be built. There are 1 to 4 bedroom options, ranging from 463 sq ft to 1399 sq ft.

high park residence affordable housing extravagant living


One Bedroom flats are the cheapest at $4xxK, they have a study room with an area of 506 sq ft. Next in the range are the two bedroom flats, with and without study. The former at 743 sq ft will have 86 of them built priced at $6xxK. Latter will have 212 units built at $5xxK each with an area of 689 sq ft. Three bedroom flats are available without study. At 926 sq ft, a total of 188 of them will be constructed at a slightly higher price of $8xxK. Two classes of four bedroom flats will be made, 68 units of them will have an are of 1195 sq ft, the rest 23 units will have an area of 1399 sq ft. They will be priced at $1xM and $1.2xM respectively.
Four bungalows will also be constructed at High Park Residence, their price currently unknown.


To add to the eloquent housing of High Park Residence, there is an Indoor Gym and a Fitness Alcove. The children’s park promises an amusing experience and provides an interactive session for the kids. There are perfect locations for hosting a BBQ party on a hot summer day. Refreshing in a crystal clear water swimming pool of Olympic size perfectly compliments it. Dedicated cycling pathways and walkways are present in the site. Not only its a great place for outdoor activities but also is very suitable for and offers a very comfortable stay. Indoor sports like table tennis and squash court will be built too.

How to lift your breast without any surgery

Do you want to lift your breast without any surgery? Confused how to do it! Yes, it is possible through natural way. If your breasts droop, you must be sure that there must be some reason behind it. These reasons may be excessive large breasts, childbirth, weight gain or weight loss, familial traits etc. Breast lift without implants or breast lift without surgery may solve your problem i.e. you may correct your breast naturally. ‘Mastoplexy’ is one of such procedures of natural breast lift.

how to lift your breast without any surgery

Natural Breast Lift Process:

This is a simple process where a special type of bra namely ‘BRAVA’ is used as an external expander. This bra is used at night for few weeks when the patient sleeps. ‘BRAVA’ is a gel-like bra that gently suctions the breast area and creates sufficient recipient matrix for large volume of fat injected. In this process, doctors lift your natural breast tissue during the outpatient procedure. Due to the effect of to the effect of an internal bra and the grafted fat breast begin to tighten. This internal bra is made of surgical suture material that supports your breast internally and lifts your breast. In this simple process excess skin is tightened and your breast begins to lift.

When to Consider a Breast Lift:

A breast lift is a procedure that addresses sagging of breasts, stretched areolas or decreased breast volume or recreating a youthful shape of your breasts. In the following cases breast lift is necessary-

  • When tissues surrounding the nipple has become stretched,
  • When your surgeon considers that breast implants may receive the outline you desire,
  • In case of Pregnancy, weight gain or loss, nursing, normal aging, gravity, and heredity may affect the shape of your breasts.

So, don’t hesitate anymore! Apply this simple process on how to get bigger breasts and be young and beautiful naturally.